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Mr. K S Ramaprasad, Consultant, Maars Software International, worked with the Valeo Clutches and Transmissions Indian Clutch Project Team in the areas of Logistics Management, ERP Implementation study and Supply Chain Management.

The work involved system and process design, development and implementation. His practical understanding of work issues, coupled with an innovative and simple approach to problem solving and a good grasp of the technical and IT environment involved were of great value to our team and resulted in shorter lead times and easier implementation, particularly in the Logistics Management and SCM areas.

As part of the ERP implementation study, he has exhibited deep knowledge in his area of specialisation, along with a good understanding of the systems and processes of all departments in the enterprise. This has led to our team developing a comprehensive understanding of all issues involved in ERP implementation.

His initiative, team work, a keen common sense approach, willingness to learn and change are personal qualities, that I strongly believe will be of immense value to any employer. I wish him the very best in his professional career and family life.

For Amalgamations Valeo Clutch Limited


Guillame Fraissaignes
Management Controller

25 November, 1998