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A tourist guide to Calicut REC

General Information

Population : A variety of races - starting from the race to the toilet in the morning to the race to take girls out for a treat at MAMU's ( the male - female ratio being 8:1 ). MAMU's is a Bakery-cum-Fruit Juice Shop-cum-all near our campus. According to Mr.Mamu, who runs the firm, where the above mentioned race give attendance everyday, the ratio has improved to 7:1 and he hopes a further improvement in the coming years. ( Statistics as of early 1990s )
Height : Not very 'high'. About 4-5 pegs.
Climate : Very hot during arrival of freshers ; hottest just before exams and coldest during exams.
Clothing : Bare minimum. It sometimes attains negative values during festivals and competitions.

How to get there

The campus lies just 22 Kms. north east of the Calicut City and is well connected by road. Lots of buses ply from the city round the clock. The problem is that the clock stops at 10.00 pm and starts only 4.00 am the next day. Calicut is well connected with all parts of the country by rail, road & air.


Steeped in cultural traditions, the unique language HINGLISH is widely spoken, along with a wide range of unintelligible murmurs. HINGLISH is supposed to be derived from Malayalam, Hindi & English according to a language linguistics expert. Reliable sources have informed us that the most commonly used phrases in the campus are 'MAASHE' and 'OH SAALE MAA.@#..&*'. A new code language is building up through phone calls originating from telephone booth at Co-ops (the shopping complex of the campus) to the Men's hostels. This conversations triggered by the minority race in the campus brings some of the members of majority race from the hostels to Co-ops & canteen and the result is a reduction in weight of the purses of the latter.


Banking and postal facilities are there. Shops and super markets, where anything from soap to foodstuffs is available at all times, are just 22 Kms away.


The choicest of haute cuisine is available at any of the hostel mess. A boon for nature food lovers and those who want to improve iron content in their diet - full of stones & iron nails. Vegetarians will be sometimes forced to become Wormitarians. Non-vegetarian cuisine is splendid - a lot of doggy & piggy available. I think that's why a MESS is called a mess.

The college canteen provides a wide range of cuisine with Indian, Chinese and Continental 'dishes'. A 24-hour coffee shop functions inside the hostel complex - a paradise for night birds.

Life & Pastimes

Happy Valley - the major attraction of the place, which draws people even from the distant places of the campus like the E Hostel, provides you with a memorable view of sunset and if you are lucky, MORE EXCITING THINGS TOO. The approach road to the valley WAS an exciting one - brushing aside the sprawling Ladies Hostel complex. But recently, to stabilise the balance of the campus, barricades have been put up on the road and the above mentioned complex has been converted into a fortress.

Nights - The nightlife in the campus is very lively, with glowworms lighting up the whole campus till 11.00 pm. Even though, they have been given the right to light the campus till 11.00 pm forever, quite often they take mass leave and the candles, the more smart ones take charge. Repeated efforts by the college & district authorities to dismiss the glowworms and appoint new employees such as tube lights have turned futile. The right to show light to the whole of Malabar has been leased out to glowworms. ( the average voltage in the evening hours is 80V as compared to the required 220V ). The students love this lighting system and hence they seldom switch them off.

Water Frolics - CREC is very famous for its extraordinary water supply system. During the season in which Monsoon Cup ( the annual Football tournament ) is played, you can practice for the tournament even in your rooms, since they provide the same conditions as in the ground. But, as the Willow Cup ( the annual Cricket tournament ) starts and reaches its peak, you don't have to be afraid of the rain or even a drop of water in the whole of the campus.

Multiplexes - The booming twin towns of Mukkom & Kattangal provide you with all entertainment facilities you need. There are three movie complexes altogether. But persons who are keen on watching internationally "renowned movies" will have to bunk the fourth hour's class and go to Mukkom town to watch them.

Business - Exam season occurs once every 6-7 months. ( Preparation for postponement of the exams starts well before the exam timetables arrive.) Busy inhabitants will be rushing about here & there, in search of - a text book or someone competent enough to explain the jargon or someone who is reading the text aloud.

Come to where the action is : Student's own campus - CREC beckons you ! *

* Statutory Warning - Keep away !!!

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